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I Am having three classes

public class GeofenceParameter{

    private GeofenceCenterAddress geofenceCenterAddress;

    private GeofenceCenterCoordinates geofenceCenterCoordinates;

public class  GeofenceCenterAddress extends GeofenceParameter{


public class  GeofenceCenterCoordinate extends GeofenceParameter{


I Have made two different XmlAdapter extended classes to marshall and unmarshall the Geofence Paramtere in GeofenceCenterAddress And GeofenceCentereCoordinate

Class forGeofenceCenterCoordinate extends XmlAdapter<ValueType,BoundType>{

Class forGeofenceCenterAddress extends XmlAdapter<ValueType,BoundType>{

for getting the instance of releated to either GeofenceCenterAddress or GeofenceCenterCoordinate class from GeofenceParamter depending upon Soap request send.

For This i have used annotation in package-info.java file @XmlJavaTypeAdapters{(@XmlJavaTypeAdapter(type=forGeofenceCenterCoordinate)),@XmlJavaTypeAdapter(type=forGeofenceCenterAddress)}

But In Web Service it will give me the instance of class which i have specified fist in the annotation i.e of this @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(type=forGeofenceCenterCoordinate) class not of @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(type=forGeofenceCenterAddress) from GeofenceParamter.

Can U Please Help me in geeting the instance of second class also in JAXB inheritence Marshalling And Unmarshalling.

Thanks In Advance

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I don't remember having used @XmlJavaTypeAdapters, but the normal usage of the @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation would simply be @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(forGeofenceCenterCoordinate.class).

The type parameter is only necessary if the annotation is applied at the package level.

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