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I am trying to visit method body with another treepathscanner, but I dont know, which parameter to pass, because I allways get a NPE in TreePath constructor.

public Object visitMethod(MethodTree node, Trees p) {
    node.getBody().accept(new MethodVisitor(m, repository), node.getBody());

public class MethodVisitor extends TreePathScanner<Object, BlockTree> {...}


An annotation processor threw an uncaught exception.
Consult the following stack trace for details.
    at com.sun.source.util.TreePath.<init>(
    at com.sun.source.util.TreePathScanner.scan(
    at com.sun.source.util.TreeScanner.scan(
    at com.sun.source.util.TreeScanner.visitBlock(
    at cz.cvut.kbss.odpa.parser.visitor.OdpaVisitor.visitMethod(
    at cz.cvut.kbss.odpa.parser.visitor.OdpaVisitor.visitMethod(
    at com.sun.source.util.TreePathScanner.scan(

Thanks for any help.

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In case that someone needs it, the correct way to call it is:

new MethodVisitor(m, repository).scan(p.getPath(compilationUnitTree, node), node.getBody());
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