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I am using devise gem, everything works great, but the problem is after the login the entire user object is rendered. So if I send a json request to login it will return everything that the user object holds, I was able to limit to particular attributes using a rabl file during registration. What I did was just created a create.rabl in the views/devise/registration. But the same thing is not working for login. So how can i limit the resource attributes using devise.

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I've accomplished this by using a create.rabl in devise/sessions/ on devise 2.0.4, which version of devise are you using? – wless1 Jan 4 '13 at 22:20

After login, devise redirects, probably to user#show, so create a view file views/users/show.json.rabl that contains the attributes you want to return, for example,

object @users

attributes :id, :name, :email
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Check out

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