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In Eclipse (3.6.2 - java) I'm trying to do a mass find/replace from the "Edit->Find/Replace..." screen. It's just the vanilla Find/Replace, not regex. My xml strings for a mission are similar to this format:

<string name="mission_fire_1_blah_etc">Fire something here.</string>

I want to change the "fire_1" in the string name to something else on a large scale. For example, in the past I would just bring up the Find/Replace window and find: fire_1 and replace it with cold_2. However, now it does not find the target of the search in a string name. It only finds the target of the search in the string text. For example, if I searched for "something here" then it would find it successfully since it is in the string text. Also, the Find/Replace works correctly in the java files, it's just the xml files that have just started to fail.

I've tried cleaning, restarting eclipse and rebooting the whole thing, but the problem remains. This was working just fine yesterday for me, but for some reason it stopped working today. I'm not sure if I hit some obscure shortcut that changed the settings or what happened. I tried to search for a solution, but nothing popped up...

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My eclipse is pretty up to date and it can find it fine. YOu sure it isn't the number of underscores or funny characters? If you copy the fire_1 from the xml itself and do a find does it not find it? –  Woody Apr 23 '12 at 14:11
Yeah, I direct copy-n-paste from the xml file to the Find/Replace box. I've even just tried to find the word fire without the underscores and it doesn't find it in the string name. It's weird because it was working fine yesterday. –  shroge Apr 23 '12 at 14:30
Is there a setting that changes the Find/Replace from searching for straight text to searching for resources instead? In java files I used to be able to search for straight text, now it just will find exact match resource names. For example, if I have two variables: varA and varAPlus and I do a search for varA then it will only find varA and not varAPlus in the search. Before it would also find the instances of varAPlus in that search. –  shroge Apr 23 '12 at 14:41
Like the check: match whole words only? –  Boris Strandjev Apr 23 '12 at 14:56
I stumbled upon the answer when moving the box around. I must have resized the Find/Replace box at some point, which completely hides the "Whole Word" and "Incremental" boxes which were both checked. Not sure how they got checked since I always leave those unchecked, but there you have it. I unchecked those boxes and it works just as it did before... –  shroge Apr 23 '12 at 15:00

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