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My iphone app was free for long term. I ve made it paid any more . But i want to charge people who already owns it if they want to update, i dont want to allow them to get updates unless they pay. I ve seen some apps are asking for paid uptades but i dont know how to do that, any idea ?

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You really can't do this, as it goes against Apple's payment model. The only way to do this is to lock your content and make it available via in-app purchase.

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But i when i try to update an app (i dont remember if it was already paid or it was free) it says '' you have not owned a previous major version of this software. You have to buy it at full price Would you like to buy it ? '' . –  user1278978 Apr 23 '12 at 14:10

Call that one the free version and don't update it anymore (except for bug fixes) and create a new program and start charging for it.

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Well, what you see in this other app for sure is just an in-app purchase.

All you have to do is to hide all your functionality behind if statements (if (fullVersionBought) {...}), and implement an in-app purchase that unlocks the features. You can then prompt the users to upgrade when they start your app.

For implementing in-app purchases, you can have a look here, it's not that hard:


This way, all users of your app cannot access the functionality anymore, except when they buy the upgrade to the full version. Whether that's a good idea is another question, it might annoy quite some of your users to not be able to use any functionality anymore and being forced to pay all of a sudden.

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