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I'm using Highcharts and I have a chart with a datetime axis. Most times the labels are correctly distributed along the axis with no overlap.

But sometimes it happens that labels overlap. Here you can see an example: Using tickInterval and tickPixelInterval doesn't solve the problem.

What should I do to avoid the problem?

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It can also depend on the Font you are using. With me this happens for Arial, but works fine with Helvetica or Times New Roman.

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Found my answer here: Highcharts overlapping category labels I was using a category array for xAxis labels instead of letting HighCharts parse a UTC date code.

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Another solution is to use tickPixelInterval, which defines the pixel spacing between the ticks. A higher number will result in fewer ticks.

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Maybe staggerLines is a solution for you:

xAxis: {
    type: 'datetime',
    labels: {
        staggerLines: 2

I updated your jsfiddle with this setting:

From the API Ref:

staggerLines: Number (Since 2.1)

Horizontal axes only. The number of lines to spread the labels over to make room or tighter labels. .

(found via this comment on github)

I updated your jsfiddle with this setting:

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I see two ways of fixing your problem :

  • Change the tick interval
  • Change the label display

I applied both in the following code (xAxis section) :

$(function () {
 var chart = new Highcharts.Chart({

    chart: {
        renderTo: 'container',
        type: 'column'

    xAxis: {
        type: 'datetime',
        tickInterval : 7*24 * 3600 * 1000,
        labels : { y : 20, rotation: -45, align: 'right' }
    series: [{
        data: [
            [Date.UTC(2010, 3, 11), 29.9],
            [Date.UTC(2010, 4, 8), 71.5]
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I'm sorry but I can't use those solutions. – sabrina Apr 24 '12 at 6:48
Chart data is loaded dynamically;setting tickInterval would cause labels overlap in charts with long time periods.Also setting tickInterval dynamically,depending on the time interval,is not a solution,since the chart is zoomable and zooming cause labels overlap. I also can't rotate labels, since I have to copy the design of our designer(the jsfiddle I linked was just a simple example to let understand the problem). I tried to use tickPixelInterval but when the time period is short, like the example, pixels are not respected and labels overlap. Why does this happen? Is there really no solution? – sabrina Apr 24 '12 at 6:59

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