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I am stuck we one problem for cookie. In prestashop 1.4.7 I create a custom cookie variable using setcookie but when i am try to access and assign it on front-controller, I am not getting cookies set value. here is my script:

page: checkpostcode.php

global $cookie;

setcookie("is_postcode_checked", 1, time()+600, "/", "", 1); // Set the cookie in basepath

On frontcontroller.php page : I am access it using $_COOKIE and assign it into smarty array.

'is_postcode_checked' => $_COOKIE['is_postcode_checked'] // Getting null value for cookie

page: checkpostcode.tpl

{$cookie->_get(postcode_checked_msg)}  // here get the is_postcode_checked value but 

but I am not able to get is_postcode_checked variable value.

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3 Answers

In prestashop 1.5, global are deprecated.

To set something in the cookie :

In a controller :


Other file :

$context = Context::getContext();

You can access to your value with :

In a controller


Other file :

$context = Context::getContext();
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You should use Prestashop's own cookie class entirely rather than using the PHP setcookie() function. The class uses the "magic methods" __get(), __set(), __unset() and __isset() which should allow you to do this easily.

Try in your "page" code (not sure how you're executing this since it doesn;t look like an additional page controller):

global $cookie;

$cookie->is_postcode_checked = 1;
$cookie->write(); // I think you'll need this as it doesn't automatically save

And in your FrontController override:

global $cookie;

if (isset($cookie->is_postcode_checked))
    $is_postcode_checked = $cookie->is_postcode_checked;
    $is_postcode_checked = 0;

You can assign the variable $is_postcode_checked to a corresponding smarty variable to use in your template.

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Do I have to to implement the first snippet in a php file? I cannot do it entirely inside the tpl file? –  KingsInnerSoul Jul 2 '13 at 5:57
I wouldn't recommend doing this in the .tpl file but you can technically do almost anything in a tpl file. –  justinl Aug 19 '13 at 4:01
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if you want to fetch the cookie from Prestashop cookie class you should store it in this class too

use die() function in your controller to find out is that cookie set

it is better as Paul said use only global $cookie class to store and getting data

and please clean your question that is very messy your explanation entered to your code part

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