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I have three tables: books, books_categories and categories.


    id, name, parent_id

    id book_id category_id

So one book might be in many categories and one category might have many books. And categories are a tree - each category has parent (or NULL) (and virtually children). The problem is that if we have categories: a > b > c and book belongs to category a, it doesnt mean that it belongs to subcategories b or c... And I want to get all books from category a even from subcategories.

For now I get all books from specified category like this:

$options['joins'] = array(    
                array('table' => 'books_categories',
                      'alias' => 'BookCategory',
                      'type' => 'inner', 
                      'conditions' => array('Book.id = BookCategory.book_id')
                array('table' => 'categories',
                      'alias' => 'Category',
                      'type' => 'inner',
                      'conditions' => array('BookCategory.category_id = Category.id')

               $options['conditions'] = array('Category.id' => '5');

$this->set('books', $this->Book->find('all', $options));

And this correctly finds all books from category of id = '5'. And I need also books from child categories of '5' - is it possible in single query? Or I have to get all parent child categories (how) and then in conditions set 'Category.id' => '5' OR 'Category.id => '6' and so on?

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Try this :

$allCategories = $this->Book->find('threaded');
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This doesn't help – user606521 Apr 23 '12 at 16:13
@user606521 if you set up your categories to have parents or associations between each other then it just might help. See book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/models/… – Kevin Peno Apr 23 '12 at 17:47

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