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I'm trying to have a titlebar with two lines of text in the middle rather than the 1 big text.

So it will look something like:

<Back] Registration [Support]
         Step 1/5

Basically, instead of the one big text. I want the top line to be small and the bottom line to be bigger. I know frameworks are about making you work faster but it looks like I'm falling at the very first hurdle and I can't see any way of doing something that I could have done in minutes with standard JS/CSS.

I'm guessing I'm going to have to extend this functionality somewhat? I'm using Sencha Architect to try and speed up my work-flow.

Cheers, Dom

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Just use the most simple way, like:

title: '<span class="first-line">first line</span><br><span class="second-line">second line</span>'

then increase the height your titlebar or toolbar, let's say about 200px. I guess you cannot see the second line because the bar's height is not enough.

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