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Somehow, i don't get it how i can set the height of jScrollPane. klick on newsletter 546. Now you see the scrollbar, scroll it by hand. You see, it goes quite deep into nothing. How can i make it as big as the wrapper? (600px)

It is a UL with a div as wrapper for jScrollPane. I've set the height of this wrapper to 600px, i tried several stuff but somehow i don't get it working.

This div gets hidden later on, i know that i have to reinitialize then, but maybe it matters. :)

Shouldn't it take the height of the element it is attached to?


If the newsletter is deleted (seems ppl having fun doing it) just press create new

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I believe within your initJScrollPane function in the logic.frontend.js you have height being set with javascript after css is set:

var width = $('#elementsContainer ul').width();
var height = $('#elementsContainer ul').height();

$('#jScrollPane_Wrapper').css({'height' : height, 'width' : width});
    height: 600

I think, this could be getting the height of the whole content(<ul>), which is causing the wrong height to be set that you want.

Maybe changing it to this will fix it:

var height = $('#elementsContainer').height();

As that is set to 600px which I believe is what you are wanting it set too.

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Ah yeah of course... Stupid mistake. :) Really haven't seen this. Thanks! – xotix Apr 24 '12 at 7:03
Do you maybe know how i can add a space at the start and ending of the scrollbar? Useing .jpCap or gutters doesn't work. – xotix Apr 24 '12 at 8:02

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