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I would like to control and embed my send() calls in a try/except, but I'm not sure of what errors it can produce.

Looking around the SDK, it seems like MailServiceError is the one, but not sure since I don't know how to test an error like that.

Can anyone confirm this?

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Here are the exceptions that can be thrown by a call to send():

Here's an example of how you could catch these:

from google3.apphosting.api import mail

# other code to create 'message' here
except mail.InvalidSender, e:
  # Do something special for an invalid sender error
except mail.Error, e:
  # This will catch all the other exceptions in the doc above.
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Great, i dont know why i skipped that page in docs. Thanks for the quick answer. – Ron Apr 24 '12 at 0:11

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