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I'm looking for a plugin (may be a TFS plugin) for Visual Studio 2010 that add a 'Copy uri' context menu entry in code editor and would make possible to copy paste a file/line number into an IM conversation (skype) or an email, and of course clicking the link would open the project/file at the correct line number (in an existing instance if VS if possible).

I'm working from home and that would be nice to be able to share easily a code location with team via skype (and sometimes email).

I googled and found nothing, but it's perhaps available in a big plugin like Resharper and not advertised.

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When you wrote "file/line" number, the "file" part you expect is a TFS Source Control location (e.g. $/MyTeamProject/MyBranch/MyFile.cs) ? – Nock Apr 24 '12 at 11:05
yes but it's just because I think it would be more convenient to deal with projects located in different physical locations in team members computers, a solution without TFS would still be a good start – Guillaume86 Apr 24 '12 at 12:32

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There's no such extension that exist from what I know.

However it wouldn't that hard to create a VSX that adds an entry in the Source Code context menu that will get the Source Control path from the Local Path using the TFS Api then putting the result in the clipboard.

In the meantime there's no easy way to come up with a workaround as I'm not aware of a way to get the Source Control path from the Local path in Visual Studio.

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thanks for the input, yes the getting location/line number is not really the hard part, but the clickable link part sounds difficult, maybe… could help (honestly, I'm afraid the time required to make that plugin would not worth it for me, that's why I asked about an existing solution and not about how to code it, I know, it's bad ^^) – Guillaume86 Apr 24 '12 at 13:31

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