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I have a Rails3 app running on pow (in development) and a Cramp application running on thin. I'm using cookie based sessions in Rails and I want the Cramp to be able to access the session created by Rails.

Any idea how this can be done? I'm fairly new to Ruby and Rails.


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Well I figured out how to get this working with SSE's but I'm currently debugging an interesting issue that maybe you could help me with.

So I created the following ApplicationAction

class ApplicationAction < Cramp::Action
    before_start :load_session

    def load_session
        session_id = request.cookies['_session_id']
        @session = Session.where(:session_id => session_id).first

This made the rails session available to all my child actions. I then added a session model (I used cramp with ActiveRecord) and the following model.

class Session < ActiveRecord::Base
    set_table_name :sessions

    # Get the data on the sessions table
    def data; Marshal.load(Base64.decode64(read_attribute(:data))); end

This actually works perfectly assuming that all the classes that are Marshal serialized can be instantiated. Which is where I am at a problem. This causes problems with ActionDispatch when it is serialized by rails into the session data.

I am currently in the process of trying to find a better solution.

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