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I am trying to deselect all checkboxes on a button click. I've tried creating a binded boolean variable like this:

public var allselected:Boolean;

and then on my checkboxes:

<s:CheckBox selected="{allselected}" label="PT Identified" />
<s:CheckBox selected="{allselected}" label="Chart Reviewed"/>
<s:CheckBox selected="{allselected}" label="H&amp;P"/>
<s:CheckBox selected="{allselected}" label="Permit Signed"/>

On a separate button click I set the boolean variable to false and nothing happens after I've already checked a checkbox. If I set the boolean variable to true, all the checkboxes get checked. So, if I wanted to select all, then it works. However, I want to deselect all selected checkboxes.

The checkboxes only reside withing a tilegroup and are not inside a datagrid or datagroup. I would think that there is a simple way to do this but I've yet to figure it out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I had a dirty solution. Give ids to checkboxes and use the following function for Button click:

protected function untick_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void{
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Thanks but there are too many checkboxes. I figured out a solution: – ROSCH Apr 23 '12 at 21:04
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public function findChild(numChilds:int, parent:Object):void
            for (var i:int = 0; i < numChilds; i++)
                var obj:Object = parent.getChildAt(i);
                    if(obj.selected == true)
                        obj.selected = false;
                if (obj is DisplayObjectContainer)
                    // search for children
                    var children:int = obj.numChildren;
                    findChild(children, obj);


var elems:int = checklistVgroup.numChildren;  // Get the number of elements

findChild(elems, checklistVgroup);            // Use our function
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