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I have activity with VideoView. After activity creation I starts video playback. And everything is ok before the moment, when I press Home button. When I return to the activity from home screen video buffer is empty and video playback starts from the very beginning. That is a problem because I think that video should be paused in Home button pressed moment and started again when we returned from home screen. In debugger I can see, that before Home button is pressed, VideoView has initialized mMediaPlayer field. But when I watch on this field in onStart() after returning from home screen this field is nulled. How can I achieve "right" behavior?

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It is possible, check out my answer here for details. – yorkw May 3 '12 at 4:01

Try by overiding the onPause and onRestart method of the activity life cycle.

In onPause() just pause the video from playing and in onRestart() just play it again.

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