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having some issues with my alarm, when it works it shows me my project name in the middle

mypropject name is: LMP

mypropject name is: LMP

and I couldn't do anything until i press back button

How can I get ride from this problem can anyone suggest me !

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Seems like u use an AlertDialog (or sth) and don't have the buttons u want. Try "setPositiveButton()" and "setNegativeButton()" to have a Ok/Cancel.

Furthermore.. more details are appreciated! ;)

(Otherwise, if u use an AlertManager (a real alert ^^) then u could cancel the repeating Dialog by using the same intent to the alertManager in myAlertManager.cancel(intent) ... or sth... )

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thanks for answering me but i didn't get ur solution, can I update my question and show my code ? thanks in advance –  Samiah Apr 23 '12 at 17:22

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