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Im reading Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service but Im not sure I clearly understand. It's in statement 10.2 a) . Is OpenLayers a wrapper?

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OpenLayers is considered a wrapper library.

However, when this clause was introduced to the Terms of Service (approximately a year ago), OpenLayers was granted a specific waiver.

You can read some additional discussion at http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/openlayers-dev/2012-April/008625.html (and associated emails in that thread).

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As long as the OpenLayers, actully uses the Maps API it should be legal.

(ie so OpenLayers is not accessing the content directly - bypassing the Maps API)

How the Maps API is loaded (that it loaded via OpenLayers) is not really an issue - of course as long as Openlayers doesnt interfere with the Maps API.

Openlayers itself is not a wrapper. (edit: see other answer)

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Oh. Seems I misunderstood what 'wrapper' means in the context of the Maps API. Consider jlivni's answer more authoritive than mine! –  barryhunter Apr 26 '12 at 11:21

Its been a while since this thread was updated. Is it still legal to use open layers as a wrapper the Google Maps API?

This site suggests yes - however the written permission link is broken:


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