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What I want to know is if this is a good way to do this, or if there's another better and optimal one. (This is for a local network only, not Internet)

I'm trying to implement a communication system between a tcp server (written in Qt in windows) and a tcp client (written in java in android) using sockets. This is

I need to basically do two things: transfer files, and transfer some data.

  • So, I've decided to use a string based communication method to handle the custom protocol.

  • For the data transfer, I've tought to create a xml file with the data (convert the collections to xml markers and set its values), send the file, and then parse it in the other point.

I have not much knowledge in network programming so please give me a hand on this. Thank you.

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I made 2 simple client applications using the socket communication for my exams. They both communicate with a Java server, one of them is an android application, the second one is a Qt application (this one should help you as you want to know how to make your Java app communicate with Qt). You can download these 3 applications here. Excuse me if some comments have been made in French, I use to code in English but I'm facing a French jury :P. Take a deep look to NetworkUtil::receiveString(QDataStream &in) method in the Qt application. Also always use qint32 to receive int from the Java application. If you need further explanations please let me know. E-Kami

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finally i've move the server side to java. –  giorgiline Apr 29 '12 at 10:18
@E-Kami, i'm also trying to do the same but i'm stuck since a while, i've tried to download your files but they are not available anymore. can you please update the link or send them to me: puissancisma@gmail.com –  Xsmael Mar 17 at 23:30
@Xsmael I updated the link to the bitbucket repository. I don't know if this code is still compiling on the new version of QT (for the java part it works for sure) as I created this project when I was still a 1st-2nd year student. ResAvion_Client_App is the QT app and ResAvion_Server_App the java server app. –  E-Kami Mar 19 at 0:42
Thanks a lot, but they said: "You do not have access to this repository." :( –  Xsmael Mar 19 at 8:36
Sorry for that, you should have access now –  E-Kami Mar 22 at 22:58

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