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I'm working with activemerchant and it raise me this error when validating the card is this ok in rails 3? thank you in advance more power to all

belongs_to :reservation

  attr_accessor :card_number, :card_verification

  validate :validate_card, :on => :create

  def validate_card
    unless credit_card.valid?
      credit_card.errors.full_messages.each do |message|
        errors.add_to_base "error"

    def credit_card
    @credit_card ||=
      :type               => card_type,
      :number             => card_number,
      :verification_value => card_verification,
      :month              => card_expires_on.month,
      :year               => card_expires_on.year,
      :first_name         => first_name,
      :last_name          => last_name

it is pointing to Undefined method add_to_base

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add_to_base method was removed from rails 3. You should use errors[:base] << "error" instead.

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See Brad Werth's answer below for alternate syntax. – B Seven Feb 17 at 19:21

I prefer the following, over the accepted answer:

errors.add :base, 'error message'

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Yep, me too. It makes sense to use the same syntax as other errors. – B Seven Feb 17 at 19:20

In your model just make:

:add_to_base=> false

Access it in your controller as:

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