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I have my class MyTwigExtension extends \Twig_Extension, where i have created my filters for twig. I want to use a service in the implementation of a new filter. Something like this:

$canView = $this->get('security_service')

Into a controller this work fine, but outside it...

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Check this answer I gave on dependency injection outside a controller here.

Then check this link to see how to register your TwigExtension as a service.

Just a quick edit, sometimes, when you do TwigExtension as a service, you can't inject directly some service because it cause a ScopeWideningException. If you get this exception, then you can add scope = request to you service definition. If it still throws an exception, inject the whole dependency container and do $this->container->get('service.id.here') to retrieve the services you need.

Hope it helps.


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