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I am passing a HashMap object to a JavaScript function. The map is created in the JSP using <% > tags provided by struts. I need to iterate the HashMap key=value pair in the javascript function. How can I achieve that? Thanks in advance :)

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You need to provide some sort of detail about what is actually getting passed to the JavaScript. How are you creating this HashMap? What is this code between your mystical "<% > tags"? – James Sumners Apr 23 '12 at 17:49

you can't really. you would need to create a javascript array (or object literal) based of the values in the Java HashMap. You could use a scriptlet to do that

var ary = [
// scriptlet here that writes out whatever you want...

You'd probably be better off requesting a url that returns the HashMap contents as json.

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You should use JSONObject instead of HashMap. You can directly pass JSONObject to JavaScript and vice versa.

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