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I have an expense report type form that has an input asking for mileage. When a user types in a number, I'd like there to be an auto calculate sort of function that displays the amount they will be reimbursed.

For instance, if a user types in "65", to the right of the input box would be "65 x $.555 = $36.08".

JS is not my strong suit, but I know I'll need to use a hidden div to display the JS generated text, and some code to make sure the "total" is rounded to 2 decimal places. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Sounds totally feasible. You are looking for use to code it for you? – ControlAltDel Apr 23 '12 at 17:50
use $('selector').change() event – chepe263 Apr 23 '12 at 17:51
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$(function () {
    $('#amount').change(function () {
         var $this = $(this);

        $'label').text((parseFloat($this.val()) * .555).toFixed(2))            

jQuery isn't needed, but helpful.

toFixed method

parseFloat method

If you needed to do the rounding:

var rounded = Math.round(parseFloat($this.val()) * 100) / 100;
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In your form tag, add an onsubmit attribute that calls the math function. For example :

<form action="movie.php" method="post" onsubmit="doTheMath()">

And then create the function with Javascript :

<script type="text/javascript">
function doTheMath() 
     // do something

     // submit the form
     return true;
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Inline events are a bad idea. – ThiefMaster Apr 23 '12 at 17:53
thats only half a solution, and inline event handlers can be looked at as bad practice...its should use event handlers from js or jquery – RGB Apr 23 '12 at 17:54
I would be perfectly happy not displaying it as soon as they type it in, however my "clients" (coworkers) want to see the amount. I'm pretty certain I can't do a form within a form, so this was my next "best" solution. If I wanted to collect the input on this page and calculate on another I'd do it in PHP (which is how the rest of the form is displayed). – cfox Apr 23 '12 at 18:07

You could do this:


​<form method="post">
<span>Type here:</span><input type="text" id="num"></input>

<span id="display_text"></span>


num_field = document.getElementById("num");
num_field.onkeyup=function () {

    mult_field = 0.555;
    num_math = num_field.value * mult_field;
    num_string = num_field.value + "*" + mult_field + "=" + num_math;
    document.getElementById("display_text").innerHTML = num_string;

This will do the math and display it while you type.

JS Fiddle:

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To add the rounding just change one line: num_math = Math.round(num_field.value * mult_field); – Event_Horizon Apr 23 '12 at 18:12

Using plain javascript

    var txt=document.getElementById('amount');
    var span=document.createElement('span');
    txt.parentNode.insertBefore(span, txt.nextSibling);
        var val=txt.value;
        if(val.length > 0 && isNaN(val)) 
            span.innerHTML=" Invalid number !";
            return false;
        var result=val*0.555;
        if(parseFloat(result)>0) span.innerHTML=' $'+result.toFixed(2);


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