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Hello we have installed the wso2 esb on our ubuntu server. it works well but every now and then it uses up almost all of the system ram. i ran htop on the server and it showed several instances of the esb. has anyone had the same problem.

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Can you check with ps -aux | grep wso2esb | grep java and kill all the unwanted instances.

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Can you check why there are so many instances? Did you start several instances? Otherwise, you can kill the unwanted instances and restart esb. ps -aux |grep wso2

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Hello...the htop command shows several instances. but the command ps -aux |grep wso2 shows only one instance. i think htop must be listing sub processes as well. i set the priority in daemon.sh file (in bin folder) to 15 and it seems to have helped. now the esb does not randomly take up all the system resources. – Nadir Latif Apr 25 '12 at 11:28

Here is the latest round of ESB performance on WSO2 ESB done in January 2013. As it clearly shows, WSO2 ESB 4.6.0 is quite stable under heavy load. This has been the case for previous releases too, but as it goes with open source projects, latest is the greatest.

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