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My problem is that i dont know how to create a standalone for a project that i have on netbeans. My project is a selling system where a seller registers items that customers want to buy, and to do this i use netbeans, tomcat and mysql on xampp. I want to know if there is a simple program to create a standalone that integrates all these elements, or is there a way to do it on netbeans. Any clue, hint or suggestion will be much appreciated

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A stand-alone what? Installer? Application? –  madth3 Apr 23 '12 at 18:04

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You can find an example for embedding Tomcat 7 here. You can't really add Xampp to a java programm, but have a look at the MySQL Connector/MXJ this will do the trick.

Fianlly make a startup class and first run MySQL and then Tomcat.

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