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I'm trying to read n lines of content into a List of Strings. I've tried several variations of the code below, but nothing worked.

main = do
  input <- getLine
  inputs <- mapM getLine [1..read input]
  print $ length input

This throws the following error:

Couldn't match expected type `a0 -> IO b0'
                with actual type `IO String'
    In the first argument of `mapM', namely `getLine'
    In a stmt of a 'do' block: inputs <- mapM getLine [1 .. read input]
    In the expression:
      do { input <- getLine;
           inputs <- mapM getLine [1 .. read input];
           print $ length input }


main = do
  input <- getLine
  let inputs = map getLine [1..read input]
  print $ length input


 Couldn't match expected type `a0 -> b0'
                with actual type `IO String'
    In the first argument of `map', namely `getLine'
    In the expression: map getLine [1 .. read input]
    In an equation for `inputs': inputs = map getLine [1 .. read input]

How can I do this?

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By the way, inputs <- mapM (const getLine) [1 .. read input] does exactly what you need. The problem is that you try to map getLine over numbers [1 .. n] but getLine isn't a function. By using const, you turn it into a function that just ignores its first argument. –  Vitus Apr 23 '12 at 20:29
@Vitus that is worthy as another answer, i'll +1 it. –  vikingsteve Jan 5 '14 at 13:22

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Use replicateM from Control.Monad:

main = do
  input <- getLine
  inputs <- replicateM (read input) getLine
  print $ length input

In the spirit of give a man a fish / teach a man to fish: You could have found this yourself by searching Hoogle.

You have:

  • an action to perform of type IO String
  • a number of times to perform that action (type Int)

You want:

  • an action of type IO [String]

So you could search Hoogle for (IO String) -> Int -> (IO [String]). replicateM is the first hit.

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