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I have a Default.aspx page which has some Public ReadOnly Properties that get their values from HiddenFields on the page. The page is eventually redirected to Users/Main.aspx. On Main.aspx I have a @ PreviousPageType reference with a VirtualPath parameter set to "~/Default.aspx". In the codebehind to Main.aspx I have

lb_Username.Text = PreviousPage.Username

When I run in debug the system complains that PreviousPage = Nothing

What have I done wrong? More code can be supplied if necessary.

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How are you moving from one page to the other? You need to use Server.Transfer not Response.Redirect in order to use PreviousPage I believe. –  Tom Pickles Apr 23 '12 at 18:30
Tom, yes I was using Response.Redirect but changing to Server.Transfer has given the same result... PreviousPage = Nothing. The transfer is in the LoadComplete event of Default.aspx, so the page is 'loaded' before it is redirected. –  Mych Apr 23 '12 at 18:46

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Tom you were correct... I had another branch in the code which also used Response.Redirect. Once I had change them all to use Server.Transfer PreviousPage.Object gave me values. Many Thanks

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