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Ok i tried 3rd time to submit my action. I always get message

Status: Changes needed Your submission does not conform to our Community Content Standards (https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards). Please make the appropriate changes and re-submit. Please make changes below and resubmit for review.

but how do I know which community standards and what exactly do to be compliant with the community standards.

I tried to do action like X saw an article on example.com. The action is trigged when the user clicks on article link

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Without knowing what you tried to get approved, there's no way to know what the problem is, did you try to get something approved like 'X fucked Y', or 'A shot up some heroin with B'? –  Igy Apr 23 '12 at 18:40
I tried to do action like 'X saw an article on exaple.com' –  user1352031 Apr 23 '12 at 18:43
Did you get the same rejection reason each time? Does your site contain adult content, etc? –  Igy Apr 23 '12 at 18:48
Yes the same each time. Site don't contain any adult content –  user1352031 Apr 23 '12 at 18:50
I can try and find out why it was rejected, but i'd need the action ID, app ID, site, etc; if you're comfortable sharing them here i can ask the team which approves these actions for more information and may be able to give you a better answer (I can't promise that unfortunately though) –  Igy Apr 23 '12 at 19:19

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