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I have a problem with adding a second Collection to my Backbone/Rails project

Here is my class file for the Collection companies

class Raffler.Collections.Companies extends Backbone.Collection
  url: '/api/companies'
  model: Raffler.Models.Company

Here's the Class file for the Model

class Raffler.Models.Company extends Backbone.Model

Heres' the Router

class Raffler.Routers.Companies extends Backbone.Router
    'companies': 'index'
    'companies/:id' : 'show'

  initialize: ->
    @companies = new Raffler.Collections.Companies()
    alert @companies

  index: ->
    view = new Raffler.Views.CompaniesIndex(collection: @companies)

And here is the view

class Raffler.Views.CompaniesIndex extends Backbone.View

  template: JST['companies/index']

  initialize: ->
    @companies.on('reset', @render, this)

  render: ->
    $(@el).html(@template(companies: @companies))

It falls over when I get to @companies.on - the error is Cannot call method 'on' on undefined.

I don't understand this error - I have set the @companies as the Collection in the router and passed it into the view that is created in the router class.

I have the exact same code implemented on another collection in the application, so I'm wondering is it because I am trying to add a second collection?

It all works perfectly within the javascript console in the browser when I do the following

companies = new Raffler.Collection.Companies()

I can see that it is making the call to the server and returning the correct number of records - so why doesn't the code work within the application? Any ideas?

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In your router, you say this:

view = new Raffler.Views.CompaniesIndex(collection: @companies)

That will set the @collection property of the new CompaniesIndex to @companies:

There are several special options that, if passed, will be attached directly to the view: [...] collection [...].

So in your view, you should refer to @collection, not @companies:

class Raffler.Views.CompaniesIndex extends Backbone.View
  initialize: ->
    @collection.on('reset', @render, @)

@companies is only defined inside the router, the view only knows about @collection unless you explicitly assign something to @companies inside the view.

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Thankyou Thankyou...This has worked. Thankyou. – Linda Keating Apr 23 '12 at 19:27

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