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I have 3 poms in my projects, 1 for parent and 2 for each of the modules in use.

Each pom currently contains <version></version> tag

Is it possible for each of the modules to pull this information form the parent automatically?

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Use the versions-maven plugin as described here : http://stackoverflow.com/a/5726599/320180

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In a multi-module build only the parent should define the versions of the artifacts except in the parents.

  +-- root (pom.xml)
        +-- mod-1 (pom.xml)
        +-- mod-2 (pom.xml)

So the root pom.xml looks like (excerpt):


every module (mod-1) pom.xml looks like (excerpt):



In particular the version should never be mentioned in the childs. The changing of the version number at all should be done via the maven-release-plugin during a release cycle. Sometimes it can happen that you change the groupId in the childs in larger projects with quite large number of modules.

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