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I am implementing a RESTful service and I would like to validate the XML against an XSD in an interceptor before passing it on the a CastorUnmarshaller. Though, in the WebRequestInterceptor I have to read the request body which can only be read once so the unmarshaller cannot read it. Is there a way of doing it?

I know that I can do both the validation and the unmarshalling manually in the Controller, but I would like to use the @RequestBody <DomainObject> way to unmarhall it.

Alternatively, as another solution, is there a way to tell the CastorUnmarshaller to validate it against the xsd?

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You can probably attach a @Before aspect (spring AOP). There you can get the same request body parameter as passed to the controller method.

Another option is to wrap the request into one that supports reading the body multiple times (by caching it the first time)

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A filter can also be used to validate the XML passed. org.springframework.oxm.castor.CastorMarshaller has a validating property to enable validation on in- and out-going documents. But enabling it in Spring-MVC's default marshaller must be solved.

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