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Is there any quick and dirty way to create duplicates of an observation in a dataset? I know I could just subset it and then use proc append, but that seems like an inelegant solution for a task that seems so simple. Any ideas?

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What's the motivation for this? Most statistical calculations that can be obtained via duplicate rows can be obtained equally well via the use of weight statements. –  user667489 Apr 29 '12 at 21:25

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I think coding it is the simplest way.

data work.have;

data work.want;
 set work.have;

 if a=1 then output; /* Again */
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Try this

data check2(drop=  i );
 set check1;
  do i = 1 to datediff;

where there are two dates I am trying to insert number of duplicate rows where number of rows varies and is equal to the month difference between the two dates.

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