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I have wrote the following code:

int fd = _dup(fileno(stdout));
FILE* tmp = freopen("tmp","w+",stdout);
else if (out == NULL) {
else {
   WriteFile(out, "num", sizeof("num"), NULL, NULL);

In the last line I get an assertion "Unhandled exception...:Access violation writing location 0x000000" What could be a problem and the fix for it?

Thank you.

P.S:Due to limitation of the project I can`t use freopen

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But you are using freopen? You check if it's an invalid handle or null and then proceed to write to the file anyway. In this case it appears that it was null. You may want a final else case before WriteFile. FYI I'd recommend std::fstream in C++ –  AJG85 Apr 23 '12 at 19:38
@AJG85 - //Error command returns error descriptor,so it can`t get to WriteFile.BUT (for your conveneince) I have change the code for you.And error still occurs –  Yakov Apr 23 '12 at 19:41

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Only one of the last two parameters to WriteFile can be NULL, the other must be a valid pointer.


In your case you probably want to use lpNumberOfBytesWritten.

DWORD written;
WriteFile(out, "num", sizeof("num"), &written, NULL);
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