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How do I add a echo date("Y") to the $creds variable? I have tried a bunch of different ways and it blows it up, what is the proper syntax?

$creds = 'Copyright &copy; &middot; by <a href="http://w#" target="_blank">#</a>';
return $creds;
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The concat operator in PHP is . (period).

You can concat two strings together like:

echo 'Hello' . '-' . 'World'; // Hello-World

$world = 'World';
echo 'Hello' . '-' . $world; // Hello-World

$hello = 'Hello';
$world = 'World';
$hello_world = $hello . $world;
echo $hello_world; // HelloWorld

In your example:

$creds = 'Copyright &copy; &middot; by <a href="http://w#" target="_blank">#</a>' . date("Y");
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$creds = 'Copyright &copy; &middot; by <a href="http://w#" target="_blank">#</a>';
return $creds . date("Y");
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