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What is this function doing? It states it is the normalized version of the dot product, which I presumed meant

func norm_dot(A,B) = dot(A,B) / ||B||^2


vec A(3,1) ; A.randu() ;
vec B(3,1) ; B.randu() ;

double dot1 = dot(A,B) /  arma::accu(arma::square(B)) ;

double dot2 = norm_dot(A,B) ;

dot1 != dot2

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The normalised dot product would be


Your expression only works for |A|=|B|

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My bad...thanks...I am implementing a paper and been doing a load of dot(A,B)/B^2 type operations and quickly saw the norm_dot in the Arma docs when looking for something else, and thought that is the operation I am doing (which I am not). – oracle3001 Apr 23 '12 at 20:04

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