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I am using jQuery Table Sorter with Apex (Salesforce). I am listing table with 6 columns and two of them are input field. The Table sorts perfectly with Fire Fox, Chrome, IE 8 but i have a strange behaviour with IE 9 alone. Actually the sorting works in IE 9 too. But when ever I try to sort even one time, it erases all the input value to null. Please help!

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Check out this demo of a custom parser that allows you to sort a column using the input values:

Dynamic input value sorting

Sadly, this parser will not work on the original tablesorter plugin, but it will on my github forked version of tablesorter.

// add parser through the tablesorter addParser method
  id: 'inputs',
  is: function(s) {
    return false;
  format: function(s, table, cell, cellIndex) {
    var $c = $(cell);
     if (!$c.hasClass('updateInput')) {
      .bind('keyup', function() {
        $(table).trigger('updateCell', [cell, false]); // false to prevent resort
    return $c.find('input').val();
  type: 'text'

$(function() {
     headers: {
      3: {
        sorter: 'inputs'
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