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I'm using Qt in an application's plugin. Since upgrading Qt from 4.3.4 to 4.6.4 carbon, Qt seems to want to take control of the application. To regain the menu, I have done


However, when I try to close the application from the dock icon, Qt quits instead of the application.

How can that be corrected?

Additional infos: - Show/Hide from dock works as expected. - ⌘Q quits the native application (as expected) - Quit from the menu quits the native application (as expected) - Same problem with Qt 4.6.4 cocoa.

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This is a Qt bug introduced in 4.6.

Fortunately, there is workaround.

long refCon = 0;
AEEventHandlerUPP handler = NULL;
AEGetEventHandler(kCoreEventClass, kAEQuitApplication, &handler, &refCon, false);

QApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_MacPluginApplication, true);
int argc = 0;
(void)new QApplication(argc, 0, true);

if (handler)
    AEInstallEventHandler(kCoreEventClass, kAEQuitApplication, handler, refCon, false);
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