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Given an object named MyObject, an llSay(0, "Hello World"); from a script inside the object will look like this in chat:

MyObject: Hello World

How can I get it to just look like this?

Hello World
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string message = "Hello World!";
// save the old name of the object for later use
string oldname = llGetObjectName();
// get the words (split by spaces) in the message
list messageParts = llParseString2List(message, [" "], []);
// make the objects name the first word of the message.
// delete the first word.
messageParts = llDeleteSubList(messageParts,0,0);
// use an emote to remove the : from the said text
llSay(0, "/me "+llDumpList2String(messageParts, " ");
// set our objects name back to its old text.
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Using the first word of the string as the object's name may result in some oddnessess with colouring of the chat. A cleaner (and leaner on the limited RAM in LSL) way is to name the object "" instead, like this:

// Your message in a string
string message = "Waves crash on the beach";

// Store the current object name to restore it afterwards
string oldName = llGetObjectName();

// Rename the object with a blank string

// Say the message
llSay(0, "/me " + message);

// Restore the object name
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integer ListenHandle;

default {

    ListenHandle = llListen(1234,"",llGetOwner(),"");       

listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
    list mess = llParseString2List(message,[" "],[]);
    mess = llDeleteSubList(mess,0,0);
    message = llDumpList2String(mess," ");
    llSay(0,"/me " + message);

The chat on channel 1234 (for this example) will be displayed in chat (channel 0) without the prefix of name of the object containing the script.


/1234 message to be displayed

text displayed in chat channel 0:

message to be displayed

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You're on the right track here but the example leaves the object named as the first word of the message. –  btubbs Jun 28 '09 at 17:39
Just save object name before, and rename to it afterwards. –  Domchi Jul 5 '09 at 0:11

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