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<div onclick="zctv.GridView.setPopupFlag('date');" id="zc-topbar-date">

        <input readonly="readonly" class="zc-textBox" maxlength="20" size="15" onclick="zctv.GridView.cal.show('zc-topbar-date')" onfocus="this.blur()" value="Mon, Apr. 23" id="dateText"/>

        <input onclick="zctv.GridView.cal.show('zc-topbar-date')" onfocus="this.blur()" type="button" class="zc-dropdown-default" title="Change date to display in grid" id="imgDateDropDown" />


I'm working with the snippet above with Mechanize. What the code is doing is displaying a drop down and date picker. It appears that the control is not contained within a form. My goal is to somehow set a value for the date picker control with Mechanize. My language is Python. Is this even possible with Mechanize?

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Sorry, this won't work with mechanize, as it doesn't support javascript -
it also says so in the FAQs and even gives you some Tipps what you could do instead...

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