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Within Powershell I want to automate the process of changing the file name of a group of files and copy the latest version of a similar file to that directory.

  1. Delete oldest

    (file3.bak) --> none
  2. Increase filename of current files in backup directory

        (file1.bak) --> (file2.bak)
        (file2.bak) --> (file3.bak)
  3. Copy latest version of file from another directory to this backup directory

    (newestfile.txt)   --> (file1.bak)

This is as far as I have gotten and am stuck:

$path = "c:\temp"
cd $path

$count = (get-childitem $path -name).count
Write-Host "Number of Files: $count"

$items = Get-ChildItem | Sort Extension -desc | Rename-Item -NewName {"gapr.ear.rollback$count"}

$items | Sort Extension -desc | ForEach-Object  -begin { $count= (get-childitem $path -name).count }  -process { rename-item $_ -NewName "gappr.ear.rollback$count"; $count-- }
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Something like this? Remove '-Whatif's to do the real thing.

$files = @(gci *.bak | sort @{e={$_.LastWriteTime}; asc=$true})

if ($files)
    del $files[0] -Whatif
    for ($i = 1; $i -lt $files.Count; ++$i)
     { ren $files[$i] $files[$i - 1] -Whatif }
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The sort is unnecessary complex though; Sort-Object LastWriteTime does the same thing (I tend to always write the whole command in scripts for better readibility). – Torbjörn Bergstedt Apr 24 '12 at 8:29
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Thanks to all who responded. Your help was appreciated

#Directory to complete script in
$path = "c:\temp"
cd $path

#Writes out number of files in directory to console
$count = (get-childitem $path -name).count
Write-Host "Number of Files: $count"

#Sorts items by decsending order
$items = Get-ChildItem | Sort Extension -desc 

#Deletes oldest file by file extension number
del $items[0]

#Copy file from original directory to backup directory
Copy-Item c:\temp2\* c:\temp

#Sorts items by decsending order
$items = Get-ChildItem | Sort Extension -desc

#Renames files in quotes after NewName argument
$items | ForEach-Object  -begin { $count= (get-childitem $path -name).count }  -process { rename-item $_ -NewName "file.bak$count"; $count-- }
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