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I have a table and i have to check a particular column in null or has value.
Lets say the column name is order_price.

If i just check where order_price is null then this also includes records that are not in the table too.
For example i have order_id = 1 whose order_price is null and i have order_id = 2 which does not exist in order table. So instead of a where condition to check whether order_price is null, i want to know whether the column is null or the record does not exist.

I'm doing outer join on this table so i cannot map the primary keys of another table. I am using Oracle.


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Show us your query. –  Joe Stefanelli Apr 23 '12 at 21:08
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SELECT  o.*,
        WHEN od.order_id IS NULL THEN
                'Not exists'
        WHEN od.order_price IS NULL THEN
                'Exists, IS NULL'
                'Exists, IS NOT NULL'
        END AS nullness
FROM    orders o
        order_data od
ON      od.order_id = o.id
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Instead of a Join , you can use the "EXISTS / NOT EXISTS" keyword and a subqeury.


 SELECT parent.* from parent where exists (
select 1 from child where 
child.id_parent = parent.id and child.somecolumn is null)

You can play with "exists / not exists" depending on whether you want or don't want the predicate to match.

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