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I'm currently trying to add IAP to an existing App. To that end, I've added some products and created some test users. The products are recurring subscriptions. The device I'm testing with is an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.

I can successfully query the store for my products, and successfully purchase them with my new Test users. The problem I have is that if I try to manage my subscriptions from the Store Settings App, it forces me to Review my account by telling me that "This account has not been used to purchase anything in the AppStore, please review your account and continue." If I review the account, it won't let me continue without supplying CreditCard info.

The end result is that I can never cancel my test subscriptions. I've deleted Test Users and created new ones, deleted the app and reinstalled it, killed the StoreApp and Settings App, rebooted the device, verified the accounts via email before purchasing, not verified the accounts via email before purchasing...all permutations seem to fail.

Sometimes I will purchase the same subscription twice which will prompt StoreKit to ask me to manage my subscription settings. Sometimes this results in the previous "Account Review" process, and sometimes it results in an Alert that says "cannot connect to iTunes Store".

I've run out of ideas for how to continue.

EDIT - Here is the flow of events with any iTunesConnect Test User I create

Initial Subscription
Initial Subscription

Use Existing ID
Use Existing ID

Test Account Sign-In
Test Account Sign-In

Manage Subscription
Manage Subscription

AppStore Sign-in
AppStore Sign-in

Cannot Connect To AppStore
Cannot Connect

Review Your Account

Then, the review process forces me to enter CreditCard Info, even though it has my address as "1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA" (i.e. it knows this is a test account).

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You can't really manage subscriptions in sandbox, but as Jean-Paul de Ville de Goyet found out on Apple Developer Forums:

1 month subscriptions auto-renew every 5 minutes. So far so good. They auto-renew 5 times and then they stop, so after 25 minutes you'll get the 21006 error. However even when repurchasing the same subscription it will NOT auto-renew again on the same test account since it has already auto-renewed 5 times. So if you want to test renewal and you have been messing with these subscriptions for a while you need to create a new itunes connect test user. This is very annoying honestly and it would be a lot easier if we could just reset the entire purchase history of a test user account.

I tested my subscriptions the same way.

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