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I'm using a mx.controls.ComboBox which holds 2-5 values. When the ComboBox is clicked, the possible choice are drawn below it. There seems to be some kind of transition that opens the ComboBox slowly. With Flex (in a browser), it takes 200-300 msec to open. With AIR, it seems to take longer, and opens in a jerky manner.

Someone at Adobe probably thought they were being cute, but the effect (especially in AIR) just looks lame.

Is there a way to disable this?

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It seems odd that the ComboBox open would take a long time. Are you using a custom itemRenderer? Which version of the Flex SDK are you using? –  JeffryHouser Apr 23 '12 at 23:37

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The mx ComboBox has two styles which control the open/close duration.

<mx:ComboBox openDuration="0" closeDuration="0" />

However, the fact that this animation plays so poorly does seem odd. In addition to which version of the Flex SDK you're using, you might also specify if this is a mobile AIR app or not.

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