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I've written Conway's Game Of Life in Java and I want to display it in a browser. I wanted to learn some Canvas, so what is the preferred way to draw a 2D grid and filling each cell in with a color? Thanks.

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1) What have you tried? 2) Code GUIs in Swing. 3) For Swing, use a JPanel to add components that represent the cells, or override paintComponent(Grapchis) for custom painting (possibly with components on top). 4) You might start off with this answer. –  Andrew Thompson Apr 24 '12 at 0:14

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This will make a grid. It's useful I think for being able to position or determine the coordinates of an element or something, and several other possible handy use cases as well.

var grid = function() {
    for (var i = 0; i < canvasWidth || i < canvasHeight; i += 100) { // 100 represents the width in pixels between each line of the grid
        // draw horizontal lines
        ctx.moveTo(i, 0);
        ctx.lineTo(i, canvasHeight);
        // draw vertical lines
        ctx.moveTo(0, i);
        ctx.lineTo(canvasWidth, i);
        ctx.strokeStyle = 'hsla(200, 0%, 20%, 0.8)';

// Call the function

Hope this helps, and is what you're trying to do too. :)

edit: If you are looking to fill each grid square with a different color, then this function will not work, or could at least be used in combination with another function which creates and fills the squares in a similar way to the function above but cutting the width and height off based on the dimensions of the canvas width and height.

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