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I would like to write custom validator like i`m trying below

ActiveRecord::Base.class_eval do
  def self.validates_characters(*attr_names)
    validates_each(attr_names) do |record, attr_name, value|
      unless value.nil?
        regex = /^[[a-zA-Z\][0-9]\]]\\$@^`,|%;.~()\/{}:?\[=\]\+\-_#!<&\s]*$/
        record.errors.add(attr_name, 'invalid characters') unless regex.match(value)

I tried this regex => /^[[a-zA-Z\][0-9]\]]\\$@^`,|%;.~()\/{}:?\[=\]\+\-_#!<&\s]*$/ in rubular but it have some errors.

I would like to allow only for this characters:

$@^`,|%;.~()/\{}:?[]=-+_#!<>& and spaces

So this string is not valid => " © gfdgfd 0543"

Is better way to do this??

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If you only want to match those characters you could just use this:

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/^[\$@\^`,\|%;\.~\(\)\/\\\{\}:\?=\-\+_#!<>&\sa-zA-Z0-9\[\]]+$/ This exacly. But why my regex is wrong ?? –  regedarek Apr 24 '12 at 0:36
you are missing a few escapes... i.e. on $ { }? –  Michael Frederick Apr 24 '12 at 2:56

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