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I have two divs. These two divs are orientated as two vertical columns next to each other. Instead of pre-determining the height of the divs via css I want to have it grow dynamically with the content I put into it. Which is simple enough for one div but my problem is that I want the div on the left with background color green to grow to the same height of the div on the right . There is always going to be more content in the right than in left.

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Assuming the elements are after body. Give 100% to the body, and all the div

body, #div1, #div2 { height: 100%; }

If they are not, then you have to either fix the height of the parent or chain 100% height all the way to the body again.

#parent { height: 800px; }
#div1,#div2 { height: 100%; }
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thanks alot it's working as expected. – SRy Apr 24 '12 at 0:25

Enclose those divs in a parent div, and set their height to 100%.

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You simply need a three-column (X)HTML + CSS Layout.

It's here

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