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Dear Stack Overflow,

Today I come to you with a question about two different Lisp-like JVM languages. One is Kawa, and the other is Clojure.
Kawa is (or was) developed by GNU and is a Scheme that compiles to Java bytecode. You can invoke Java functions like this:

(invoke java.lang.System:out 'println "Hi")

Just thought you'd like to know.

Anyway, I wanted to know: which language is better? I know that Clojure is more modern, probably has a lot more support, and has excellent concurrency, but other than that, what makes it better than Kawa? I'm looking for things like speed, power, etc.
Clojure seems a bit tougher to learn.
So, what advantages does Clojure have over Kawa? And vice versa?

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"Better" is not a good question for Stack Overflow, as it's highly subjective. I'd rephrase your question or it's likely to get closed. –  Chuck Apr 23 '12 at 23:59
I've never heard of anyone using Kawa, and there are a lot more people I know who use and love Clojure (myself included). Community around a language is important. –  birryree Apr 24 '12 at 0:24

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The projects have very different philosophical backgrounds. Clojure emphasizes simplicity and embracing the host platform (ie you don't need to call invoke) though the real difference I see is the community surrounding Clojure.

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The question Why Clojure over other JVM Lisps: Kawa, Armed Bear or SISC? provides some useful answers and insights.

Overall summary:

  • Kava is Scheme for the JVM which implements most of R5RS. If Scheme compatibility what you want, it's a pretty decent choice.
  • Clojure is a new modern Lisp with a lot of attractive features and a strong community. It draws some inspiration from Scheme but also has a fair bit of Common Lisp and Haskell thrown in as well.

As for speed specifically (since you asked about it) Clojure is pretty good and is probably one of the fastest dynamic languages around. However it requires a bit of care if you want maximum performance. You have to use things like primitive arithmetic, mutable Java arrays and static type hints if you want maximum performance. All of these are available in Clojure (Clojure's philosophy is to embrace the host platform) but they can be tricky to get right and aren't "idiomatic" Clojure.

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Why, thanks! I guess I'll go with Clojure then. –  leaf Apr 24 '12 at 2:26

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