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string Foo(string letter)

      for (int j = 0; j < (int)alphabet.length(); j++)

            if (letter[0] == (alphabet[j]));
                 return "SUCCESS";

      return "FAILURE";


alphabet = "Test";

cout << Foo("f") << endl;

This prints SUCCESS even thought it shouldn't. What's wrong with my comparison operator??

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Why not just return (letter == alphabet) ? "SUCCESS" : "FAILURE"; or std::string::compare ? – Mahesh Apr 24 '12 at 0:41
@Mahesh: It's the unclear title, it's not what he's actually doing. Take a look at the code. – Jasper Apr 24 '12 at 0:45
@Jasper I know the code has no relation to the title. OP is just comparing first character through out the iteration. I believe that is not what he wants to do at least from the title suggestion. – Mahesh Apr 24 '12 at 0:48
string::find anyone? – smocking Apr 24 '12 at 2:20
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if (letter[0] == (alphabet[j])); // Note the semicolon at the end

You have an empty if immediately followed by return "SUCCESS";

Remove that semicolon:

if (letter[0] == alphabet[j])
    return "SUCCESS";
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Crazy error messages and code just running but doing something different rather than telling me what's wrong aside, I do still love C++ :D – Jasper Apr 24 '12 at 0:41
@Jasper, Eh, they can be useful. if (setup() && goodToCallAfterSetup()); I get good uses out of this for while more than if. while (!keyPressed ("space")); //wait for them to press space – chris Apr 24 '12 at 0:50
@chris Besides it being way too easy to misread what you are trying to do in those cases, you can do if(setup()) goodToCallAfterSetup(); for the first, and the second you just shouldn't do (blocking/busy wait) (and it may very well not even work, as often such things are read from memory, not real time results) – Jasper Apr 24 '12 at 0:59

You have a semi-colon at the end of

 if (letter[0] == (alphabet[j]));

on line 10.

Unexpected semi-colon? :-)

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