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I am trying to create a schedule interface within javafx 2+, and I am having trouble getting the TableView to contain TableCells that look like conjoined components.

The first thing that I tried was to use background colors and borders, however, I cannot get the borders to differ between the top and bottom.

-fx-border-width: 1px, 0px, 0px, 0px; for top

-fx-border-width: 0px, 0px, 1px, 0px; for the bottom

Ideally I would be able to span columns or rows, but I understand that it does not fit the model of the control. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Just remove commas from your code. E.g.:

-fx-border-width: 1 2 3 4; -fx-border-color: red blue green yellow;
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and you can also try this -fx-border-style: hidden hidden solid hidden; if you want to hide some border side –  Mubasher Oct 2 at 10:19

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