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I have a model called store which have defined this:

def gmaps4rails_infowindow
 html_window = ''
 html_window = "<b>#{self.location_name}"

I want this window for all the maps that I render except for one that I want to create a infowindow from a template.

I have this code in my controller:

@list_of_stores = Store.all.to_gmaps4rails do |store,marker|
 marker.infowindow render_to_string(:partial => 'store_window', :locals => {:store => store}

I am able to render the window with the partial if I get rid of the gmaps4rails_infowindow in the model. Otherwise, the content of the windows is always the one that is set in the model.

How can I overwrite that? I want to have that method in the model, but in some cases I want to avoid using it, and just use what I have in a partial.

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an issue has been filed in the github account. Will do, not available now –  apneadiving Apr 25 '12 at 20:35

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Now available in v1.5.1, enjoy!

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