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I have a link list, where every item is associated with a short description and some meta info such as pubdate, author etc. How should I markup this in html5?

        <section>    .... OR ARTICLE?
               pubdate, author, etc
    .... repeat

Do you think it is a good idea to use sections/article?

Or are plain <li>s better?

Article or section?

IMPORTANT NOTE: every item does not contain full content (article), just a short description and the link to the page that actually contains the article.

I'm also interested in a SEO point-of-view!

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article is better suited than section –  apnerve Apr 24 '12 at 7:33

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I would suggest using article here as each item is a separate entity on its own and could be syndicated (e.g. in a RSS feed). I wrote a bit about this a while ago: HTML5: Section or Article?.

You also don't really need to use a list here, as each article could be seen as a list item.

I would also suggest using the time element to enclose the published date of each entry.

As for SEO what I've suggested is fine, as is the example code that you've posted.

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Where you used <section> is fine. It wouldn't be <article>. As far as I know, it'll validate with <section> inside an <li>. If anything, you could replace <ul><li> with <article>, but this depends on how you'd like to display your content.

As for SEO, at this stage of HTML5, i don't believe this type of anal semantics matters all that much as long as overall the page flow is fine. Most of these semantics are subjective to people's own interpretation or opinions.

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It is the other way round. The entire thing is one section and each item is an article. –  apnerve Apr 24 '12 at 7:34

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